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Greenhouse bay filled with liners full of cuttings under propagation / rooting

Root Your Own Cuttings

Misting Booms and VPD Models make high yield and quality propagation easy

GTI Rooting Advantages

Even Mist Pattern

GTI Booms equipped with Teejet mist tips outperform fixed lines.  Precise tip spacing and angle with drill-and-pin-at-install bar height allow you to dial in your pattern. Dual swivel nozzle upgrades and custom nozzle spacing are available for additional mist on lengthwise crop edges.

Consistent Speed

Our Flagship Common Sense III Boom Controller adaptively maintains an even watering speed. Its high resolution encoder provides moment-to-moment position and speed feedback. Valve pre-triggers keep your mist on target. More accurate and consistent movement means more cost effective chemical application - you use less and save money. Each boom manages up to 16 crops and is ready to work with the GoMini2 Network Controller when connected.

Powerful VPD Control

The GoMini2 Network Controller sends misting commands to 8 Common Sense booms dynamically, based on environmental conditions. Our proven VPD algorithm responds to the weather so you don't have to be in 8 places at once.  

State of the Art Sensing

The 3 digital sensors on each VPD Sensor Module sense air temperature, leaf temperature (a proxy for sunlight intensity) and relative humidy. We source our Relative Humidity sensor from a company in Switzerland, home of the best craftsmanship on earth. 

VPD Models

Package your rooting knowledge, intuition, and experience into assign-and-relax VPD models on the GoMini2 Network Controller.  Every day has 3 start times and a settable VPD target for each, so you can mist differently during day and night, and tightly control your taper to dry nights. Each model is up to 61 days long, enough for your slowest-rooting varieties, and there are up to 16 models on each GoMini2. Refine your model, set your freshly stuck crop on Day 1, and go fishing - you've earned it.

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