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Tower or truss irrigator boom with finished flats underneath and basket systems above fully automated greenhouse bay

Every Bit Blooming

Verticalize your Profits with Hanging Basket Systems

GTI Basket Advantages 

Use Every Cubic Foot

GTI Boomerang(TM) Basket Systems turn empty vertical space into revenue.  Each system is a motorized loop that takes the place of two basket lines, rotating baskets through watering and loading stations.  Install these wherever you have unused headroom in bays, walkways, or loading docks. 

No Need to Wait

Our GTI Boomerang Basket System decouples canopy crops from floor crops - bringing finished baskets to you for unloading, and sending newly loaded baskets over the floor to grow, so you can finish and ship several crops - 'turns' - of hanging baskets over the same floor crop. 

Control Directly

A pair of pull cords immediately and directly control the Boomerang's movement and watering time. A shipper pulls these cords from the top to set his own shipping speed, and the grower pulls them from the bottom to create or modify a watering program.

Schedule Nearby

Our Boomerang Zone Network Controller offers single-point network control over 8 Boomerang Basket Systems. Using an ingeniously simple user interface, schedule watering before dawn to prep baskets for shipment,  and store different programs for a rainy day.  

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