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Tower Truss Mist Boom Propagating Liners

Automate your Rooting, Finishing and Basket Production 

At Greenhouse Technology Inc., we manufacture misting and irrigation automation for growing exceptional plants. 

Whether you’re rooting cuttings, starting plugs, or finishing bedding plants and hanging baskets for retail, our products expand the reach of your horticultural skill and intuition so that one grower can do more.

Our dual water-mist booms, basket systems, and VPD propagation controllers reduce labor and water costs and increase profits. Return on investment ranges from as little as a single propagation season - 3 months - up to 3 years.


Douglas Winterbottom founded Greenhouse Technology Inc. in 1997 to supply automation to greenhouses across the country  Since then, we've sold thousands combined of irrigator booms, basket systems, and VPD network controllers. We continue to offer labor- and water-saving automation to make your life easier.

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